Motorola S11- HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones (Black)

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The Motorola S11-HD Bluetooth Headphones are powerful wireless headphones that are great for any music lover. The S11-HD Headphones are compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device, and they can also be used to answer calls. The flexible band is both comfortable and durable, and can be adjusted by the use of another included band. The S11-HD Headphones also include several pairs of ear pieces (small, medium, and large) as well as an AC wall charger.

Front of headphones

Charging port

Back of headphones

The S11-HD has power and volume buttons located on the band, as well as answer/hang up controls for calls. The headphones are sweat-proof and produce high quality HD audio. The S11-HD Bluetooth Headphones provide great sound, comfort, and can also be used to take calls. When it comes to Bluetooth wireless headphones, the S11-HD are certainly worth your time.

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